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Emission control and Diagnostic systems

Installation instructions of the software Omnibus 800
CD – Key : BB262041

1. Install software

_1) open Windows Explorer( Key with Windowssymbol + E – key at the same time)

_2) select CD – ROM drive or downloaded file

_3) Double click on Omnibus 800.exe, if needed type in the CD - key „ BB262041“_

_4) Choose your country and confirm with clicking the right arrow

_5) Confirm the foloowing window by clicking OK

_6) Clicking the right arrow will start the installation

_7) Click OK, when the installation is done

_8) Close all windows

_9) Restart your computer

!!! Important !!!

After the installation is done, you need to start an EOBD diagnosys with FASTNET.

2. Update the Fastbox

_1) Connect Fastbox with an diagnostic interface or a battery

_2) Start the Software

_3) F5 – click on selftesting

_4) F1 – click on vehicle selection and acknowledge message, update is starting

_5) After the update is done quit with ESC and return the the main screen.

DOWNLOAD exhaust emission test - Software USB driver Certificates
Version 202 Omnibus 800 Win Vista / 7 Dekra - certification
11/2018   Win XP PTB - certification
  Vehicle diagnostic Vehicle list Bluetooth driver 
  Touchnet   Gembird stick
  Fastnet Fastbox / PSI driver Edimax stick
  Wiring schemes Windows Vista / 7 / 8